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17 March 2009 @ 11:36 am
birthdays and kleenex  
I guess these things don't usually go together. but for someone they do. I just wanted to say that if I'm sick on my birthday, just kill me. well okay that might be a bit dramatic but honestly it sucks to be sick... much less on your birthday. and, the more birthdays we have, the faster they go. what's that all about? days are seriously moving supersonic! co and I were at tgifridays with her mom and met someone from mt miguel- class of 2004. ! greaaaaaat. people that we never even went to school with... waiting on us. god. life doesn't stop I guess. anyway, birthday wishes for the love of my life... even tho he's sick, (swear if I catch the plague or whatever he's got right now... I'm gonna be in trouble.) I hope he has a good birthday anyway. well get the fire department on standby hahaha I'm getting old too but ill always be younger. ;)