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30 May 2008 @ 11:15 am
Birthday Extravanganza '08 Begins!  
So I come into work yesterday....

and my desk was decorated....

I got a new toothbrush holder... with a monkey for my new bathroom (I'll get to that)

They bought me lunch. By the way if you like pastrami sandwiches, Togo's makes a good one.

And we had Strawberry Angelfood Shortcake.

And gormet cookies that weighed 10lbs each.

Tamara sent a flower cake, which my cat is no doubt eating right now.
Rich picked up Rib-eye steaks and wine, salad and potatoes, (and chocolate cake) and we had a glorious feast for dinner. Better than anything that we could have had somewhere else w/o dropping more than what we had spent, and it would've fed 3 less people.

So the waterheater blew two weeks ago, and for some reason, the shower developed a leak. Inside the wall. So we were w/o water for that weekend, and our bathroom is under remodel. Meaning we have to walk a mile to the other side of the house and use the other shower and toilet. Ugh.
But the new bathroom is looking nice and should be done hopefully today.
Things have been pretty good. I've got Corinna scheduled for tonight, and Ann for Sunday Brunch at 94th.