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05 November 2008 @ 09:11 pm
Holy Election Tuesday Batman!  
Um, okay so its November.

First, in case you were under a rock for the last 24 hrs, or, maybe you were sitting around waiting for me to update my LJ (haha), Obama won yesterday.

This is no doubt one of the craziest things, ever, in my life. Esp because I did not expect him to sweep/trounce/demolish McCain. Personally, (not that anyone asked me, but you come here so you must be curious) I think the girl blew it for him.

I saw a website link from an MSN article stating that Palin supporters look toward 2012. (sorry, they moved the link, I dont know what it was)

My mouth dropped open reading said article, but, there is hope. Below the article, (the finishing line stated that Alaska was glad to keep her, if only for a little longer) was a ton of comments. A TON. Pretty much all of them said "keep her" or something to that effect.

Gleeful, I read these comments, kind of relieved that I wasn't the only one that wasn't :smelling what she was stepping in: as Puff would so colorfully put it. I know people were sick of "business as usual" in the white house, but remember, you can win the election and not win the popular vote. I didnt really think that the electoral college would follow Americas' sentiments; that there was definitely time for change.

I told my mom that I hoped her 15 mins of fame were over. I was pretty sure that McCain picked her because he was sure Obama was going to go with Hilary. No one knew here from anywhere, what kind of trouble could she be? Honestly, Laura Bush would have been a better choice. Palins "phrases" drove me nuts. And I realize the SNL thing was to help gather votes, but that made me realize they are not taking this as seriously as they should. Imagine Michelle Obama on SNL? No chance.

What else has happened lately.. Work is getting crazy, there is talk of moving me somewhere else (up)in the company (they finally hired me full time in July) and sending me to either Tacoma or Chicago for 2 Months for training, or to check out the bigger locations and bring back info we can use.

Sweet. I've always wanted to travel on someone elses dime.

I got my wisdom teeth removed last month. That was pretty much the worst experience of my life.

William turned 5.

Ann had a boy.

Lyras sister is having a boy.

Liz had a girl.

I am kicked outta the pink cult, having not placed an order since January. Anyone wanna buy some inventory? 1/2 off...

Other than that, things remain ever the same. Same drama at home, same (worse) drama at work.

Busier than ever. (ie; the 6 month lag.

I'll try harder.
Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful