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06 March 2009 @ 11:27 pm
getting worse at this  

So once again 3 or 4 months slipped thru my fingers. But I have a phone with full internet and a qwerty keyboard so I think maybe. Maybe! Ill be more successful at this.

So in feb we went to my sisters wedding in colorado. On our way back, we were car #27 in a 29 car pile-up accident just outside Beaver utah. We were okay though. And the car drove home after the freeway reopened. But the car- $4,000 in damage.

Here's some advice for your next road trip...
put good tires on your car.
Don't rush your return trip.
Make sure your insurance includes rental coverage.
Don't pretend that "the next town" will be good for gas. Get gas almost every time you see a place... (haha that almost happened.)
Try interesting looking resturants.
Plan an intenary of things to see... otherwise you'll be in the hotel the whole time.
Upgrade to the honeymoon suite so you don't have to listen to kids slamming doors and screaming "daddy!" 4,983,219,145 times. At 9:39pm. Until you go next door and talk to their mom.
Take pictures.
Do not check your work email.

That's prolly good. Somehow amidst all that we managed to have a good time. At least I did. Saw my sis for the 1st time in 10 years! And saw mom and dad. Nice they made the trip. But I might have had a real wedding if I thought the fam would show.

that's all for now.

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