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08 March 2009 @ 09:55 pm
i just dont know  

this country is seriously disapointing me. that retarded woman with 8 new kids and her asshat doctor should be thrown in jail, and those kids should all be moved to stable families. no way those babies are receiveing the care they need while their money and fame grubbing whore mother has a second pr rep leave her. think about what that really means... people that, for a living, spin the bad things that people do and try to give them some semblence of a good rep. these people... that do this for living saying no, really. you work this one out, I've gotta go. seriously?! michael jackson as far as I know has the same rep... this chick is onto #3. unfrickenbelieveable. some how. america wants more, yet I can't wait till I never see her face again. who's with me on this?

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