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♥ M¦§§ M¦§H¦ ♥
29 January 2008 @ 12:51 pm
So. The new girl quit. This ended up working out because it was about that time that puff came back from kentucky, so we waited and just brought her back. At least she didn't steal my job.

We went to texas to see my mom and dad. That was crazy boring. i officially hate texas. We did like nothing the entire time, and on New Years, we were in bed by 8pm. But it was nice to see my mom and dad. My mom held a skin care class for me, bringing 2 friends. I made some sales and can now write off the plane tickets, rental car and gas from the trip. Sweet.
(shop online with me here )

The rest of the Schneiders come back on Tuesday. Of course i have mixed emotions about this, especially since they have said that James is a crier; loud and for no reason. But, it will be nice be have everyone back together, as long as that may last. Apparently they are thinking of moving either back to Torrance or to Japan... so who knows what will happen.
♥ M¦§§ M¦§H¦ ♥
17 November 2007 @ 10:15 am
Not only have I not been on here in like 4 months, but I haven't documented anything that has been happening to me. Anywhere. Its weird to see a gap in my writing that big.

So the new place is still nice, although Rich and I miss having our own space. We will seriously consider moving somewhere else when the lease is up.

Not only have I been going to the gym a couple times a week, but i've been going to the yoga class for about 2 months or so on Saturdays. I have seen an improvement not just in my size (down to an 18, still a ways to go) but my overall health, level of sanity and all that that entails. Awesome.

We're going to see my parents in late December thru new years. This is big exciting news. We haven't been there since Nov 05. Before that, May 03. They are pretty excited. I'm pretty excited too. Weird how you miss your parents when you cant/dont see them everyday. I never ever thought that would happen.

I'm training a new girl at work and I have a feeling she is going to try and throw me over for my job. She was desperate for work and has a BS from UCSD but cant find work in her field. So shes working at out office, for likely $12/hr. Ha. So you can see that there is a lot of potential for some underhanded activities, and she will be after me and prolly ready to snitch at a moments notice. Yikes.

Being married is CRAZY. It totally takes the wind out of having those stupid little couple fights that you might get caught up in, like, calling someone out on the look they made or the implied tone you thought you heard. You know what I'm talking about... It's like, "what are you going to do, leave?" heh. Prolly not, but you let like 32 of those "what did you say?" fights stack up and you can get one hell of a blow out. Lucky for us we live with other people, and those have basically ceased. Or maybe we're just over that retard stage of "dating". Getting promoted sure changes the way you argue. At least, it had better.

I lost the desire to plan a real wedding. I know, its supposed to be my big day, a fancy schmancy event with glitter and unicorns. But seriously. I am a horrible planner. Those of you that know me know I am so lazy at things like this. I went to 2 bridal fairs. All I got was sick to my stomach at the expense of it all. They totally try to fuck you cause they know if you really want this "thing" you'll cough it up. Well, he didn't really care (obviously, hes a guy) and I had a hard time being motivated for 2. I tried to be excited but if he's only doing it for me, and I'm only doing it because I'm supposed to, wtf is the point? Not only that, but when I was trying on wedding dresses... I looked like a marshmallow. Ugh. I'd have to get to at least a size 13 before I seriously considered that again. I saw pics, cause Corinna came with me and we took them so I could remember which ones I liked. How about NONE for $500 Alex? After I saw the pics, I was convinced no one would ever see me like that again. That is how I would look, except I'd have my hair and makeup done. Ooooh, a FANCY marshmallow! No thanks.

Other than all that, not so much going on. I'm taking Ann out for her birthday tomorrow. I have to leave for yoga in like 10 minutes. So far life is pretty good.
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20 July 2007 @ 01:56 pm
So we're all moved in, (thanks for helping those who helped)
And I decided that I needed a part time job. So I'm selling Mary Kay, more fun and purposefull than working at Target part time. (no offense to those that work at Target full or part time.) Help me out and schedule a free facial and bring your friends. You get your stuff at half off if you bring 3 or more!

and and AND the new place rocks! I also have a cookie lee party schedule on July 29th at 2 pm if you wanna come. I'll have booze and snacks.

That is all for now. ♥
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31 May 2007 @ 09:11 pm
So far so good...

As you may be aware, my birthday often causes a stir in my very tight, super fantastic group of friends. Since we ended up being in town this weekend, (more on that later) I had the opportunity to visit with my friends. Ann ambushed us Sunday and Monday and took us out for dinner, and me out for the best pedicure ever and lunch-dinner. Then Tuesday they bought me lunch and cake and ballons at work, and Rich made me the most deliciousness steakies ever. And he baked me a cake. Then Wednesday, Puff took me to Brents house and he professionally installed my XM radio (thanks Baby!) which I received as a replacement Wednesday because the one I got on mothers day (come on, we have a baby kitty) was STOLEN Tuesday night! Along with all my cd's (some of his too) among some other things.. like my proof of insurance and an envelope of gas receipts, earrings and a watch and my monkey Gigapet, both with a dead battery. Damn stealers!
Thursday I had the night off... Tamara is taking me out Friday and Saturday I'm going out to dinner with Eve. Whew!

The reason we were in town us because we are moving. We need to stock pile money like a mo-fo to get the hell outta this place. No more appartment living for us, bitches.
It looks pretty good, and I don't wanna jinx it, but we will prolly be living in Escondido with the other West Coast Schneider Family. Hey, that is a lot closer than Sacramento. Or Texas. Other than that, life is good. Work sucks as usual, especially with Tamara the ship-jumper gone, now I'm the golden child again, and that is a lot of pressure.

Since we traded Jeepy in for an 06 Ford F-150 last month, we can move everything w/o crappy Uhaul... but if you wanna help out, let me know.

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02 April 2007 @ 10:14 pm
And so it starts.
Ann came over yesterday as well as Eric and William, and we watched the Mets yesterday on ESPN... these will be the only games that we see this year since MLB sold exclusive rights to MLB Extra Innings to DirecTv, and since our cozy one bedroom has no patio/balcony, I have no place to mount a dish and cannot move from Cox to DirecTv. Hence, baseball season will be hardly seen by us. Our rent also went up this month... so a move might likely be in the making.

Things are going good. I had a Mary Kay party a few weeks ago and I have been considering becoming a "mary kay lady." The stuff is awesome- I've been using it for a few weeks- and when my aunt was here and SHE used the stuff esp. the eye cream, I was sold.
Still just considering though. It seems like an easy fun way to make some extra money and everyone knows they can always use more of that...

I think we are going to be pushing the re-wedding date back a while. The days are coming and going so fast and there is no rush really. We are already married. I'm thinking it may better in a couple years out, since 12 months is coming from the last pushed date and at this point we should be making reservations. Not only are we not there financially, I still don't know where to have it.

Other than that, its been 3 months now since we "ran away together." Life is pretty good. The whole second job thing sucks big time, but I guess if it helps us save money then it will be ok. I have actually spent a ton of time alone in the apartment since then which is cool because before I was almost NEVER here alone. Now I'm on the couch listening to Music Choice Channel 930 every weekend and surfing the web for eleventy four hours a day. My friends are excited though because I can just run out and visit whenever they want me to. I just have to clean the house before I go anywhere and whatever else needs to be done

I have my first dr. appt in 2 weeks using my health insurance for the first time.. pretty exciting. The only thing on my being an adult list that I'm missing now is a 401K or an IRA. Wow.

Oh, I tapped a lady getting on the freeway a few weeks ago at 2 MPH and she FILED a CLAIM the very NEXT morning! Right. So I don't know what happened but I told them that I was waiting cause the traffic was backed up and I had no idea what she was claiming. I guess it wasn't too serious since I haven't heard from them since. People are so scandalous.

Other than all THAT, life is awesome. The cat is on the couch above me and I can hear him snoring... good idea Max. I'm going to bed too.
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13 March 2007 @ 11:31 am
My neighbor is crazy. She moved this weekend from the apt 3 doors away to one diagonally/across from me, and upstairs.
She was extremely bossy and crazy to her "you say he's just a friend" Rich, and to me and Corinna who graciously helped her move most of her stuff Friday.
(The crazy part was that I used to act like that- saying effed up things to the Mister in front of others, that whole control thing. I did it to everyone I dated actually.)

*Side note: it makes me really happy to be in a normal relationship where we aren't acting all screwed up to each other all the time, having "nothing fights" (to quote Dane Cook). We love each other, and you can tell.*

Anyway, the Mister even rented a dolly from Home Depot for her to move her TV (you cant carry that kind of thing upstairs) which cost us $26.00 because she kept it all day Saturday even though she didn't use it really after Friday night. Then she came over Saturday demanding my help even though I had Tamara over and was trying to get ready for the Mary Kay party that night. (which was awesome)
Then Sunday she borrowed money for the laundry card and didn't pay me back yet. She kept saying that she couldn't do this and couldn't do that herself... and I fricken hate people that are so helpless! Everytime I get home my phone rings cause she needs something, and its worse now because she can be staring out the window and catch me coming home, where as before she'd have to go outside and look to see if my car was there. It's like being stalked by a helpless child. Sorta.

Anyway, I had a rockin' weekend... things are :) on the homefront and that is always good. I got a new monkey for no reason and new monkeys are always good too. It's good to be loved and appreciated. </bragging>

I haven't been sleeping that well the last few days. I have had backpain for going on 3 weeks... and its affecting my sleep. Maybe we should get around to getting a new bed...

Oh! I've been hanging out with my Aunt a lot lately.. she may actually sell Mary Kay since she needs something that she can do... I'm afraid to tell my mom about it, because I'm nervous that she will be jealous. She keeps asking me about coming out there, which takes a lot of money and mostly time that is hard to get off work.
I dunno when were gonna get the chance to see them...
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25 February 2007 @ 04:05 pm
So R is working a weekend job now too. It sounds stupid but I swear I hardly see him anymore. I don't consider time spent sleeping or cooking dinner as quality time. But he is happy, he has XM radio in the car now since he is driving all day, it is helping him not go crazy.

I had a partylite candle party yesterday since Corinna needed someone to book a party so she could get a candle set that she wanted for free.
The lady did not come however, her husbands stepmom had just passed away and she forgot. So I will get $25 in candle stuff and I got to have some friends over. I made coconut shrimp- no easy task I assure you. Only because the batter that I was looking for was not available for the recipe, and I had to improvise. There was a 1/2 hr trial and error session while I tried to figure out how to keep the batter and the coconut on the shrimps while deep frying them. Tammy and Corinna submitted really good suggestions and eventually we mastered them.

We got new couches this week. They are AWESOME. One of the first things that we bought as a couple that is actually worth something. The TV is great but we got that second hand off craigslist, the bookcases don't match, the coffee table is rickety, and there us only one end table that doesn't match anything either... but it is home to me. And now that the furniture is starting to get more comfortable and palatable to the eye, I have no problem inviting people over.

My aunt and cousin came last night. My friends were all suprised to meet them since I have had other family members forever but no one had met anyone but my mom or dad. But everyone got along great, and I made an offhand joke about how getting into that side of my family is like the popular clique in high school. It seems that I have spent my whole life trying to be accepted and that comes just as Corinna acceptance with her aunts and cousins falls apart. The passing of her father was hard on everyone but her sisters and other family members really took their frustrations about the situation out on her and her mom. Marie spent so much time with Al before he passed away, came out of pocket to help with burial expenses, and all the while, the rest of the family accused her of some ridiculous things. Mostly I think from their own guilt about not being there for him until it was too late. This is why family is SO IMPORTANT and so are wills for that matter.

I'm still happily married- and my last name has for the most part been changed everywhere. Not that I am trying to snub my original family but there was a lot there that sort of emotionally holds me back at times. I hope with my new last name I have officially closed the door on that part of my life forever.
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25 January 2007 @ 08:33 pm
Totally. We joined a gym. No, really... I'm not kidding. We've been going for 2 weeks.

We didn't go today though, we opted instead to go to Chili's and use two $25 gift cards for dinner. Apparently we were big pimpin' splurge-sters because we spent like $30 of our own money as well. I will be the envy of the office tomorrow though because I am bringing baby-back ribs, mushrooms and onions, and buffalo wings for lunch tomorrow. Eat your heart out.

I am liking the gym though. He gets there earlier though so that he can lift also and we leave at like the same time. I usually do like 30 minutes of cardio and burn like 400-ish calories, and even though I am falling apart at the gym I feel fine when I wake up in the morning. I am going to start using the pully weight machines too, but I'm taking it slow. There is a sauna there, and I heard rumors of a tan thing which I may or may not take a look at someday. Maybe as summer comes closer I might think about breifly getting the jump on my tan-ness even though I'm sure that I will be tan soon enough w/o faking it. There is even an all woman floor *and* an all girl gym on the other side of the trolley tracks that I can go to as well.

We've been going though seriously and I think that after too long, we will start to see some real progress. Yay- too bad Max can't come to the gym too- that cat needs a treadmill like woah.
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08 January 2007 @ 09:06 pm
At the end of 2 weeks of wedded bliss, (and yes I can actually call it that) I have to say that some things are harder than I expected. I expected it to be easier to turn in my old last name and embrace my new one, my new life, and that would be it. According to the Social Security Administration, I go there first to get my new card. No appointments- just go in. Apparently, not on Mondays. There was about a 2 hr wait today- no dice. From there I will receive a new card in the mail. Then I can go to the DMV and get a new DL, and once I have BOTH these documents in place, I can then go to the bank, my car company, etc. Can I just say that the SSA office being open from 9-4, m-f is ridiculous... I work 8-5 are you kidding?! Stupid government agencies! That isn't even 8 hours!

In unrelated news, I am now the proud member of Aetna Health Cares PPO benefits program. Yay health care!

According to my favorite fortune cookie, "You are domestically inclined and will be happily married," I will have no problems with married life. That fortune, though random as it might be, is my fortune. It will be my constant reminder that I am meant to be here. In the unlikely event that I should wake up in disbelief, or regret our decision for even a millisecond, that fortune cookie is there. It was prophetic, and here I am. This is my destiny. I don't believe in divorce, at least not for me. We have been through A TON of events- some bad, most good, and we built this relationship on a strong friendship. We will make it.

My other favorite fortune says, "Being happy does not mean always being perfect." I imagine that this one will guide me through any strife that may come my way. This is a liberating thought- just think about what it means to be happy. Is life perfect? No. Am I? no. But I am happy. And I plan to stay that way.

The fortunes are on the fridge, since as a wife I will spend a lot of time looking there trying to figure out what is for dinner. At least on the nights it's my turn to cook.
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26 December 2006 @ 11:24 am
We got married- we eloped to Reno on Saturday!

There will be a formal everyone invited ceremony somewhere in San Diego- the potential date is August 25th.

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